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Re: Forum changes, cannot find Precision?

Why  are  you guys  deleting messages  now  and changing  the  original  title  that was created by me for this thread ?   The message posted by  "done-with-it"   has been deleted,  as well as my  reply to him (in this thread).  The  title  of  this  thread  that was created by me has been changed  without   consulting me.    Just  being  a  moderator  does  not  give you  the right  to  start  acting  like a  communist  country  dictator and doing  things to  free speech here.    Whoever  did this  needs  to be  reprimanded by  DELL.    Being  a  moderator  is a  privilege,  but  use that  privilege  properly and sensibly.   That  message  posted by  "done-with-it"  did not have  any  offending  words  and neither  did i post any offending words.

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