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Re: Inspiron 3470, GPU upgrade?

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thanks for the reply!

 I have 1 HDMI port from my iGPU (Intel UHD Graphics 630). i'm currently connected to 2 Dell monitors, but one have to be connected via VGA because my pc only has 1 HDMI port.

 if I were to add in GT 1030 into my dell inspiron 3470, will I have 2 HDMI port? 

Does the video card you want have 2 HDMI ports? You could use the onboard HDMI port and the HDMI on the add-in video card, if the card only has one HDMI, as long as the 1st monitor is connected to the add-in card.

If the video card supports another port that's available on one your monitors (eg, DisplayPort, DVI) you could use that port and the card's HDMI port.

And alternatively, you could buy a USB3>HDMI dongle for the 2nd monitor. Just make sure the dongle supports the optimum ("native") resolution recommended for the 2nd monitor, and supports your version of Windows.


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