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Re: SSD not seen by CrystalDiskInfo

Same her on one month old XPS 8930. Sent an email to Crystaldiskinfo support 3 weeks ago, but no response yet.

The Toshiba KXG50ZNV256G NVMe SSD is OEM suplied only, so not available to purchase by the large public and therefore less supported than more popular SSD drives.

I found a free workaround ( even with gadget ) at https://www.hwinfo.com/
See collected info below

[Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)]
 Available Space Below Threshold:OK
 Temperature Exceeded Critical Threshold:OK
 Device Reliablity Degraded:OK
 Media In Read Only Mode:OK
 Volatile Memory Backup Device Failed:OK
 Drive Temperature:24 °C
 Warning Temperature Threshold:78 °C
 Critical Temperature Threshold:82 °C
 Time Above Warning Temperature Threshold:0 minutes
 Time Above Critical Temperature Threshold:0 minutes
 Spare Capacity Available:100%
 Device Health:98%
 Power Cycles:134
 Power On Hours:174 hours
 Unsafe Shutdowns:23
 Media Errors:0
 Total Host Reads:2316 GBytes
 Total Host Writes:1380 GBytes
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