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Inspiron 7577 - speakers "hiss"

Hello there,

Since a week I am owner of Inspiron 7577, i5-7300hq, GTX 1060 Max-Q. (Almost) everything works fine. First thing is stuttering caused by swithing to dGPU (that's Intel problem and they promised to release a fix in March/April). Another problem is related to speakers - when audio source is paused (Youtube, movie from hard disk), these start to produce "hiss" - like being still powered on. I reinstalled Realtek driver about 50 times now and actually 2 times it installed in some particular way which fixed that issue. But every another try ended up bringing issue back. I heard that many people have the same problem and that it is probably Microsoft fault. Please could you address that?

Another thing is, are there any chances to incorporate and support Dolby sound enhancements into a driver? I know it is possible, because I was able to make them work with unofficial driver.

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