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Re: Inspiron 7577 - speakers "hiss"

Actually Jim just put a link to Audio FAQ which does not open for me (Page not found). I tried all mentioned "fixes" from that thread. None of them works for me (some even make it worse, leaving speakers powered on all the time). I tried drivers from Dell and Realtek site, with and without MaxxAudio and usually it ends up the same way. A actually managed to "fix" this issue by reinstalling Realtek driver. But it is not "stable" fix. I mean, I reinstalled that driver about 50 times (seriously) and 2 times it installed in some particular way, which fixed the issue. And I mean, REALLY FIXED - there was ZERO hiss at pause. As I mentioned, there are no rules, I don't know what are the form factors, but one thing I can say is - persistent reinstalling driver and checking that issue after each reboot actually SOMETIMES works (2/50 times is 4%). There is something wrong with driver or Windows 10 itself. As I can see, the thread you mentioned is almost 2 years old and no solution was marked - people just gave up. There is something wrong with sound in Dell notebooks and it occurs in many different models, but it wasn't fixed till this time. Maybe it is time to give attention to that problem and find it's root? Please...?