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Re: Inspiron 7577 - speakers "hiss"


@DoctorRzepa  "Actually Jim just put a link to Audio FAQ which does not open for me"


A month or two ago the Dell forum moved to a new platform and broke many of the existing links. The threads from the old platform are archived in the "General" category, which doesn't allow me to edit my old posts to re-establish my links.

This should be a working link to the Choppy/Skipping Audio FAQ. The Inspiron 7559 section is the first one down from the top. However the Inspiron 7559 Realtek audio driver is quite different from newer Inspirons and so the suggested workarounds for the 7559 probably are not a good template even if they do work for that model. I would try @lolametro 's solution instead.

Btw, contrary to what was mentioned earlier in this thread I am not a Dell Rockstar .




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