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Re: Inspiron 7577 - speakers "hiss"

If you open the Win 10 UI from the speaker icon and go to playback devices, look at the Levels tab.  What level controls do you show.  I would give you a picture of mine but you can no longer upload pictures, so on the 7567 I show an over Speakers/Headphone level slider along with an Internal Subwoofer and Front level sliders.

The Front slider is for the main speakers and the Internal Subwoofer is for the Subwoofer, as would be expected.  What do you show if you do not have a Subwoofer, any sliders other than the main Speakers/Headphones?

It is normally not a good idea to use Win 10 enhancements along with Waves.

Because I noticed someone on the Microsoft site having a problem getting the Dell AE415 2.1 speaker system to work on his Dell Desktop (don't know which model) I am wondering if there is some issue with that.  I should note the AE415 system is not listed as a Dell device in Waves.  He had a situation where the system was being picked up as Quadraphonic, which produced bad sound, or Stereo, which produced no sound...  Just trying to find some kind of common ground....

You may be correct and it is Win 10 causing the problem.  It would not be the first time some change Windows made was not caught ahead of time by OEMs.  But not really sure why the same audio processor would work normally on one system but have numerous problems, it appears, on others if Win 10 was solely responsible.



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