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Re: 7577 unprofessional reply by Technical Support Specialist

Yes,i have noticed that, however just wanna to confirm with Dell. However, you can see the reply from Dell Support what he checked and confirm that my laptop shipped with NVMe M.2 SSD... orz

The main point is, he have mentioned my system not able support 2 SATA SSD ... and blame to Windows does not detected the NVMe SSD correctly.

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Re: 7577 unprofessional reply by Technical Support Specialist

POKOK, it might help for you to realize, we cannot see you attached pictures.  Therefore that info is not helping our understanding.

But, the 7567 and 7577 ship usually with a NVMe drive set to run using the SATA controller on the M.2 slot.  Whether that slot runs as PCIe or SATA is determined by the setting of the SATA controller in the Bios.  If it is set to RAID, the M.2 slot is SATA controller, AHCI it is PCIe.

So, your system is running a SATA configured drive in the M.2 slot and you want to install a 1 TB 2.5 inch drive on the SATA connector and theoretically it should work.  I don't remember how large you said the M.2 drive was, but don't assume the OS was placed on it.

Folks have had problems with these configurations but not having pictures available makes it hard to understand the situation.  When I installed my second drive, the M.2 drive had also been replaced with a Samsung 960 Pro NVMe so I had changed the SATA controller so it would run as PCIe.  It seems the normal SATA port wants to take priority so watch for that.


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