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Re: Incredibly low speeds on NVMe SSD on Dell 7577

One additional option might be to try getting a warranty replacement for the SSD in the hopes that you'll get a Samsung unit directly from Dell.  They use both Toshiba and Samsung as suppliers, but based on the other threads about this issue, Dell will not guarantee that the replacement SSD will be a Samsung unit, and even getting a warranty exchange approved in the first place has proven difficult, since as I said, Dell's position is that the SSD is performing as designed and technically they never guaranteed a specific level of write performance on these systems like they do with the Precision systems where you can order a specific "class" of SSD.  The claim that it's performing as designed is questionable at best given the more recent finding that it performs much better before any Intel drivers are installed, and the "we didn't promise any specific performance" claim is also irritating given that the Samsung SSDs that Dell also ships with this system perform appropriately, not to mention that it's not in Dell's interest in terms of brand image to ship SSDs that perform poorly, and even less so to ship systems with radically different storage performance characteristics based purely on luck of the draw.

So like I said, definitely not ideal or even appropriate, but that's where things stand at the moment.

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