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Inspiron 15 7567 "Blue Screen Error" BootLoop!

IMG_20180723_181951.jpgBlue Screen Error : Page Fault In Nonpaged Area


Device: Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming(7567) [8Gb/Gtx10504GB/1TB/i5,7300HQ@2.50Ghz]

Error : Blue Screen Error (@Start Up) - Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area

Issue with error: Keeps Restarting And taking back to the same Blue Screen...Again&Again! Making it impossible to load into Windows10

•Dell OS Support show no errors

•i pressed ESC key cause this was happening the 4-5 times and no errors were to be found!

(PS: Now Dell OS or Support System doesn't show up)

Possible Causes:

1•Last Night i got an option "Update and shut down"...with i pressed(had no other option)

2•AC Charger was disconnected. Creating a possibility of Force Shut Down while the update was in process.


Things i can do:"Press F2" - Shows me Setting with makes options including Restore Setting15323531061202618917853490098672.jpgThis pops up while Pressing F2



Help Me On This: Now What Can i fix this? This is a new laptop, not even 1 month old!



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