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Connected to internet, can't connect to game servers.

I got this computer and it's great for school, storage, and overall, gaming. About a couple months ago, I noticed certain games stopped connecting to matchmaking services.

I managed to fix it once and so did my dad, but I guess it was just temporary. I've tried flushing DNS, allowing all the apps through windows firewall, using selective startup and unchecking load startup items. Messing around with all the internet options. It's not the router because I played/used all the below multiple times before they stopped working. It's not my firewall, and it's not Covenant Eyes or hamachi. So I've come to the conclusion it's a problem with my pc.


The games (including but not limited to):

A few free steam games

Fortnite (yes I know just hear me out)

Minecraft LAN worlds and servers

Microsoft word is spotty

Firefox (I somehow found a temporary fix)


Origin servers


If you know how to fix this please help.

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