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Installing a SSD M.2 SATA in Inspirion 15 7567

I have a Dell 15 7567 laptop, which came with a rigid 1tb disk. A few days ago I installed an SSD Crucial MX500 M.2 250GB. The OS migration from hhd to ssd was done perfectly and I was able to start windows 10 from the ssd. But my question is this: in the bios I changed the RAID mode to AHCI, because from what I read out there, the sdd performance would increase. But when restarting the laptop, the screen remained in the Dell symbol and after a couple of times it entered a screen that told me there was a hardware problem. I went back to the bios and changed back to RAID and the problem was solved. What would be the problem to solve? Do we have to make more changes in the bios? Thank you very much for answering and sorry for my English. I used the Google translator.

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