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Dell Inspiron-15-5570


I want a Inspiron-15-5570 laptop model number cn57041 and I am trying to find a simple way of connecting one addition screen to run in dual screen mode with the laptop screen. So to be clear, the laptop screen displaying say emails, while one separate screen to work on. Would this work Dell USB-C Mobile Adapter - DA300, Dell seem to be unclear however if I'm reading it right it should do just what I need. Dell are recommending a Dell Business Thunderbolt Dock - TB16  which I don't think will work as I don't think the laptop is compatible.

All I want is a laptop that can be used as such and then using one plug attached an additional screen keyboard and mouse at a desk.

Thanks in advance 




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Re: Dell Inspiron-15-5570

The laptop has an HDMI port.  You could just connect to that and run an extended display.

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