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Inspiron 13 7368 does not auto swap to tablet mode




  • keyboard/track pad not disabling after folding into "temt mode" / tablet mode
  • auto mode swapping no longer being triggered when folding the laptop
    • Note: Windows is set to use hardware and ask before swapping
    • Note: keyboard properties has "Auto lock keyboard and trackpad automatically" checked
    • Note: I do not see Quickset in the task bar, but I do see it as a running process in the background



  • Upgrading to Windows 10 (loss of QuickSet + other drivers perhaps)


Failed Solutions

  • Reinstalling Quickset
  • Installing latest BIOS
  • Running Driver check via Support Assist
  • Running System check via Support Assist


Other Notes

I've seen comments about reinstalling Touchpad drivers. This model does not seem to have any in the listed driver via the download page

Someone here also had this issue but didn't get a response

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