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OS Creation Tool Weird Issue!!

Hello everyone I have a strange story to tell. My laptop (Inspiron 5555) got a hit 2 weeks ago, and this made the hard disk to be corrupted and I replaced it with a new one. I bought my laptop with pre-installed version of windows 8.1, so I wanted to install it back on the new had disk, so I installed OS creation tool and ran it. The tool recognised the service tag of my laptop, and then showed me the available windows 8.1 version available to download for this kind of laptops, so I downloaded it, and completed the procedure by making the a USB flash memory to be ready to install the windows Till here everything seems in order. I restarted the laptop, and the windows started setup, and suddenly.... it ASKED ME TO ENTER ACTIVATION KEY !!! which activation key???? my laptop got its key on bios, and this Dell-supported version should get it! More strangely, the step of asking for activation key is not mentioned in the steps on your OS creation tool page. more extra strangely, I got somehow my windows key from bios, and .... your version denied it and said : "The product key entered does not match any of Windows images available for installation. Please enter a different product key". May someone explain to me what is this? I need my licensed windows installation back! I
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