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Include XPS thermal management system to G3/G5/G7 BIOS

Hi Dell,

Considering the amount of issues related to thermal management and fan control in the G-Series I would like to suggest you include in the next BIOS version the same thermal management system of XPS line and allow it to be controlled via Dell Power Manager the same way XPS line works (with Cool, Quiet, Balanced and High Performance profiles), this will save you a lot of headache and returns due to systems running too hot or too loud when it's just a matter of software management.

G-Series laptop may be entry-level gaming pcs but its users are very demanding when it comes to stability and controls, so it would make sense, I want to be able to let me g3 be really quiet during work time and when I want to game, I would like to be able to set it to high performance and system ramp up fans to keep thermals under control and excellent performance.

I believe other owners will agree with me.

Best regards. 


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