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Re: Unable to reinstall Intel(R) Wireless-N 7260 on my Dell

@Saltgrass wrote:

I see your attachment but otherwise, why do you think the device is not an AC version instead of N? 

Are you loading the Wi-Fi drivers from the Dell site?  I do see a Wireless N Bluetooth driver for the 7260 but I have a 7260 on my 4 year old system and it is Wireless-AC.

I might also add, if you are using Win 10, I have seen some folks which had problems with an N adapter.  You might check into updating it if it is actually N.

The Intel Utility identifies the card as N. WiFi N was the default wireless card in this model and an 'AC' card was an optional, extra cost upgrade.
If the OP can't get the existing WiFi card to work and/or it's not covered by warranty, the easiest thing to do would be to disable the internal WiFi card in Device Manager and simply plug in a USB WiFi dongle. An AC dongle will work with an N router, but an AC router will be needed to take advantage of the extra speed offered by an AC dongle.


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