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SSD compatibility


Few days ago I bought new SSD Kingston Now UV500, M.2 2280 - 240GB into my Inspiron 15 7567.

My idea was to put SSD into second disk slot and install my system on it. After few days of trying to I gave up and brought my laptop to the local IT specialist. He told me that this particular disk is not capable of system booting in my laptop. So my first question is if it is true or not. 

So I thought that I can buy one more SSD and replace it with my current HD. 

My second question is. Will Kingston now A400-240Gb  be capable of booting Win10? 

Thank you very much. 


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Re: SSD compatibility

The m.2 drive is SATA and boot drives in your model are generally NVME which are much faster. And yes you could install an NVME M.2 drive and boot from it. Now as far as replacing the HDD with an SSD drive, that is the simplest upgrade and will boot fine. The Kingston SSD you listed will work fine as well. I usually tell users that are not tech comfortable that the 2.5" SSD is an easy upgrade and will be a huge upgrade from your HDD. The following video might help.


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In this video I take you through the process of installing or replacing a hard drive or SSD in a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming. Hard Drive/SSD formatting instructions: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-open-disk-management-from-command-prompt-2626097
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Re: SSD compatibility

Thanks! Helped out a lot 

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