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Power up issue

I have a 2017, 17in Inspiron 5767. If I pick the laptop up it will sometimes freeze up the screen. I go to restart and the computer will power up the button light for a few seconds, make a whirring noise then abruptly turn off. The only fix is to open the laptop, remove the battery, hit the power button for a few seconds then re-install the battery. It’s getting annoying to open the dang thing up all the time. I’m really annoyed because my previous Dell laptop lasted 10 years. Support was no help because apparently I’m outside the warranty period.

Any idea what the issue is? I can replace a component if I can identify the issue and find the part. I’m pretty confident it’s a hardware issue since it does it when I’m handling the laptop.

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Re: Power up issue

Have you ran diagnostics on the system yet? That may help pinpoint a hardware problem such as a bad battery or possibly a hard drive problem. Restart the system and at the Dell splash screen start tapping F12. Run full system diagnostics and pay attention to battery health and hard drive results Are you seeing any blinking lights or hearing any beeps? When you open the system up make sure the RAM is securely seated in the DIMM slots. Try reseating the RAM and see if that helps..

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