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Dell G7 uses a lot of RAM

My Dell G7 has 16 GB, which is spending at least 4 GB without having any activity executed by me, and I think that's too much, I have another laptop that has 6 GB of RAM and the system uses about 1 GB by default , so it is the Dell G7 that uses so much RAM and I honestly have no idea why, I do not know if it is necessary to send screen capture of my installed programs (I have uninstalled a lot and even with CCleaner I have disabled some Startup programs) or is it normal of a Dell G7 to have so much need, someone who can guide me on this? Thank you!

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Re: Dell G7 uses a lot of RAM

Andre Villa,

If you bought it with the Intel HD GPU then some of the memory is shared with the video. What is the other system you have and the OS installed? 

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