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Re: Inspiron 7386 2-in-1 LOUD FAN

I have the same problems and while I was searching on the internet I saw many others. I bought an inspiron 7386 2 on 1 online from dell and from the first day I had many issues. The fan was working continuously and very loud without even using the laptop. Some times the laptop was so warm that I almost couldn't  touch it. I checked the temperature with the coretemp and it was working between  70-85% most of the time. Second problem was that I while I was closing the laptop and the remaining battery was around 60-70% the next morning was 0% and I had to charge it again. I contact with dell service and i ask them to replace the laptop. The new laptop arrived yesterday and it has the same issue with the fan( working continuously , making loud and it is very warm) and also I notice another thing, the screen has different colour than the previous , its more yellow (I still have the faulty- previous laptop because nobody came to collect it, so I can compare the 2 screens). I am really disappointed from Dell. Of course I will ask for my money back and I will never buy or recommend a Dell product to anyone.