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Re: Inspiron 7386 2-in-1 LOUD FAN

Hi Alexren,

I am interested in the battery symptom you mentioned.  Did you have Hibernate After set except Never (both On battery and Plugged in)?  If you did not see it, you need to enable Hibernate in advance.  This way either adaptive hibernate (Windows will enter hibernate (S4) whenever the battery power is drained about 5% during modern standby (Sleep)) or Hibernate timer will function and prevent the symptom from happening to stop battery drain.

If you did have hibernate enabled and timer set, then you may want to check the activities while the notebook is in modern standby by using powercfg /spr (Windows built-in tool).  Let me know if this helps.

PS. Your notebook supports modern standby instead of the traditional S3.  I recommend you searching "windows modern standby" and look for Microsoft Docs for the details.



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