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Dell inspiron 14R 5420 - BIOS - Spectre - SideChannel


I own Dell Inspiron 14R 5420 running Intel i7 3612QM / GT630M (Service Tag: <Service tag removed>).

As I see, Del still hasn't released BIOS Update (to address INTEL-SA-00115(CVE-2018-3639&CVE-2018-3640)  ) for this model, whereas BIOS update were released for 15R 5520.

15R 5520 is just 15 inches version of 14R 5420. 15R 5520 is also running 3rd gen / Ivy Bridge processors like 14R, so I assume that 14R 5420 should get similar attention from Dell, for releasing new BIOS with updated CPU Microcode addressing sidechannel attacks.

15R received two BIOS updates in 2018 for CPU Microcode update. Prior to these two updates, 15R last released BIOS update was in 2013.

14R received last BIOS update in 2013.

@ Moderators: Can you please bring this matter in attention to responsible personnel / team, so that BIOS update can be queued and prepared for Public release.


Thanks and Regards

Harmandeep Saggu 


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