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Inspiron 15 5567 NON RESPONSIVE

Have owned my 5567 since FEB 2017, it has been a decent laptop except that within warranty the screen cracked WHILE opening the lid and, of course, was not covered by the warranty.  I purchased a screen (not from Dell) with a lifetime warranty and installed it following a video demo... it worked great for 10 months until it began to flicker when waking from Sleep.  I felt certain that it was due to some WIN10 upgrade, but alas, it was the screen.  I did receive a new screen from the company at no charge.  

AND HERE IS THE PROBLEM... My laptop sat around , SHUTDOWN, waiting for the re-installation.  I installed the screen, and then POWERED UP... no response... no lights, no fan... seemingly NO POWER.  I then plugged in the charger and after two hours, tried to POWER UP... Nothing, nada.  

I tested the charger (which lights up) and it is supplying 19.45 volts to the computer.  Will this laptop run even though the battery is dead?  How are these batteries tested?  I'd hate to buy a new battery if the laptop has died.  I have performed the recommended procedures offered by Dell (NO POWER, NO POST, No BOOT, etc,) 

Any ideas?


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