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Audio and video pauses automatically

Audio and video pause automatically (and sometimes pause and play) only when I use an internal or 3rd party software (windows media player, VLC, films &TVs new video player by windows, Groove music). 1. It happens only when I am playing a video or audio. 2. Only happens with my internal/ built-in keyboard. (no issues with the USB external keyboard) 3. Online videos on YouTube play perfectly fine. 4. No virus (because I formatted my laptop and tried playing a video, the same issue occurred) 5. Tried removing the key and cleaning physically. 6. Since the spacebar key is usually associated with play & pause, I tried typing something in MS word. I did not see any auto space being generated between 2 letters. (tested for 5 mins) 7. Autoplay and pause (sometimes just pause) occur maybe after 20 seconds. (it is random) 8. I can actually see the virtual pause and play button is toggled. (no other error message is shown, it happens as if I am physically pressing the spacebar key. 9. No issues in Windows 7, only in Windows 10 (It has been 2 years I am having this problem) desperately I pulled out the keyboard plug manually/physically and used an external keyboard. But I need the internal keyboard now. 10. Driver issues? Which driver is it? Any suggestions or experiences? Please share your thoughts. Dell Inspiron 3542, Windows 10 (updated to the latest version till date 2019, The October 2018 update) Display adapters- Intel HD graphics family. All other drivers are updated as well.
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