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Inspiron G3 15-3579, charging port issue?

Hi, I m having problem with the charger or charging port. The problem: When i plug in charger, it keeps being connected / disconnected. In windows i can see that icon for battery changes every few seconds from "on battery" to "charging". Since there is power plan chosen, backlight is being turned down and up... - also led near charging port keeps being turned on and off (indicating charging state) What I have so far tried: Using 2nd charger (130W charger for dell dock wd15) - did not helped Using 3rd charger (130W charger for dell dock wd15) - same result, but the blue ring led at the end of the charging cable turned off, and charger seems to be dead (after unpluging from ac, and pluging back it glows on blue again...) Updating bios - same result What is awkward: Charging with the original charger another laptop - works fine there. Turning off laptop and leaving it charge like that works without problems. For me it looks like problem with mobo. Any advice ?