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Dell update not aborted/successfully installed

So a few days ago, I kept getting the notification that I had Dell updates that were ready to be installed so last night, I went into the Dell Update program to do so. (I believe they were BIOS updates; can't check due to a reason I will explain later) I went to bed after one seems to have successfully installed but the second seemed to be stuck. So I cancelled it this morning to go and restart it and now I can't seem to check for updates since it now gets stuck at 75% completion for the search

Is this anything to worry about or no? I've heard of laptops not booting up after unsuccessful Dell updates so I'm worried about restarting my laptop to try and fix it in case that's the case. My laptop is an Inspiron 5547 with Windows 10 and according to the Dell Update application, it says that my last check and update was never.

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Re: Dell update not aborted/successfully installed

Skip the suggestions for updates and go to Dell Drivers download page and check it yourself for any updates. Laptops rarely if ever have driver updates so be skeptical about any suggestions from Dell Update or Support Assist. Always expand the download page to see the details. 

The updates you should check regularly are Windows Updates in Settings, Updates and Security.

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