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Dell Inspiron 13 -7370 First upgrades

I purchased a brand new sealed in the box Dell Inspiron 13 this past week and I was terribly disappointed in the SSD performance of the Samsung PM871b and so I did a little research and found it is easy to swap out the drive for a PCIe 512Gb.  I got the XPG SX6000 Pro and the differences are immense.  I am getting 2100 read speeds and 1560 write speeds, which is 5x what I got with the original drive (yes I know sata3 has a limit of 6Gb and overhead so much higher than 530mb will not be possible)

I am not sure why in 2019 we are still chugging along with sata 3 speeds when the boards support much higher performance.  I know it is most of the time a matter of cost and I understand that Dell only can make so many SKUs but in the end it is strange that a CAD $1000 dollar laptop (resale at BestBuy) is given a crappy sata3 drive.


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