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Broken Factory Reset Dell Inspiron 7559

My computer came shipped with Windows 10 and I recently upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10. I recently tried to factory reset my computer but I got an error message saying "Can't access factory image partition". I have never touched/ modified the partitions myself and I assume the fault lies with Microsoft. But the partitions are there. Yes, my machine is out of warranty but I can't believe that I need to pay over $100 for something at is clearly DELL not thinking ahead and Microsoft's doing. I know I can clean install but I'd have to download all the drivers which I would rather the next user not have to go through. How can I repair the dell factory partition and why does Dell need me to pay such crazy fees for something so simple. This seems rigged.

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Re: Broken Factory Reset Dell Inspiron 7559

The boot sector apparently got changed with the Win 10 update (it normally does not do that).  The other option is a clean install.  When Windows does the install it will install needed drivers.  I did a clean Win 10 install on my Inspiron 15 5577 gaming laptop on a second SSD drive and when the install was finished all the drivers were installed by Windows and it worked perfectly. You will lose any user data and any installed apps so backup the user data to a separate media before you do the reinstall.  But, if you access support via the service tag number is may give you any apps that were factory installed.


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Re: Broken Factory Reset Dell Inspiron 7559

Did you make a Win 10 recovery drive, and update it after every Win 10 build upgrade?  If you do not have one, you might try making one using a 32 GB flash drive and see if it will complete.  Make sure, when you pick the drive while creating the recovery drive, you do not select any drive letter other than the Flash drive.

How are you doing the reset, through the Win 10 options or something from Dell?

The Dell partition on those systems only contains items the OEM wants to install.  The current Win 10 image is not in that partition.

You might want to attach a picture of your Disk Management window so we can check.  It may take some time for the moderators to approve the image, so be patient.


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Re: Broken Factory Reset Dell Inspiron 7559

You can Download the Latest Build of Windows 10 from Microsoft and use that to clean install. 

Windows 10 will have basic system drivers included so you can connect to the internet.

Once you are connected to the internet you can then use Dell Update to get the Dell System Drivers, it will scan your hardware and download and install any newer drivers available on Dell servers for you:

Detailed guides available here:

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