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Re: Inspiron 7577 - Won't boot fully - black screen - shuts down

@RobinLowet wrote:

I have a major problem with my laptop Inspiron 7577. When I try to boot (on battery or with power cable plugged in) the screen stays black. Lights of the keyboard work fine. You can hear the laptop trying to power on but it stays on a black screen. After a moment it shuts itself down making a "piewww" noise. Dell logo does not show. After trying lots of times it does power up from time to time. Than it works fine. If I don't turn it of I can let it go into sleeping mode, no problem booting it after that. 

All drivers are up to date. What is the problem here?

Thank you in advance.


Here is a video of it:

If you manage to get it to boot, run Dell Diagnostics.



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