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Re: inspiron 13-5378 microphones not working on headset

On models with Realtek audio, the devices that are normally listed on the Recording tab of the  Windows Sound dialog are Microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio) and Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition Audio).

When Microphone is selected as the default recording device, the internal mic is enabled until an external mic is plugged in and detected, then it is enabled.

If the external mic is not working there is some other reason. Our Windows 10 audio expert, Saltgrass, has reported that external analog mics (not usb or bluetooth) are not working on his laptops after recent Win10 change, so it could be a Win10 issue.

Other reasons include that the driver is not configured correctly, or the mic itself isn't working.

On laptop models with Realtek audio, there are settings in the WavesMaxx software that might have to be adjusted. It used to be that a popup would appear on the screen whenever  a device was plugged into the audio port. The popup required you to select the type of device you plugged in. If the popup didn't appear then the device wouldn't work.

For "headphones with a microphone", select"headset" if you get the popup. On some recent models you only have to select it once, but on some you have to select it every time the device is plugged in.

If Saltgrass doesn't reply in this thread you might send him a private message.

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