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Dell Latitude E6410 (nVidia) and E Port Plus II PR02X having issues.

I recently replaced the motherboard in my Dell Latitude E6410, and when I put it on my docking station; my docking station wasn't charging the battery nor was it being detected in the BIOS or Windows. However, I press the power button on my docking station (Dell E-Port Plus II) my laptop will turn on.

The previous motherboard I had in my laptop didn't have the nVidia NV3100m graphics chip on it, so it was using the Intel HD Graphics, which the CPU on that was an Intel Core i7 620M. Along side replacing my motherboard (that has the Nvidia NV3100M GPU), I put in a i7 720QM along side. I do have a 130 Watt adapter on my docking station for those wondering. 

I have looked in the BIOS/UEFI and haven't been able to find any options dealing with the docking station and have also updated the BIOS to version A17; no luck on that. 

Make note, when I had the 720QM on the motherboard I had in my laptop prior to replacing did work with my docking station, since the LED lights lit up.

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