Re: E5440 Point Stick in Center of Keyboard does not work!

@seabass450 wrote:

So evidently Dell released the E5440 with a backlit keyboard option and a center point stick between the G,H,B.  Unfortunately this is the first hardware I have ever seen Dell release that has no support on its intended product.... the E5440.  Why does the point stick in the center NOT work!?!  The option to control it doesn't even exist in the latest TouchPad Drivers (Jan 2019) for the E5440.  Why could Dell release a keyboard for this unit without support for the touch stick in the center?

Please dell ADD support for the touch point stick!  This is a deal killer for me!

@seabass450 I find it strange that we would remove trackstick control from Dell Touchpad application as it's a fundamental part of the pointing devices suite.

On the version I am running, I rightclick the touchpad icon in the system tray to open up the application
The system gives me three icons at the top of the app, touchpad, trackstick and mouse
Click the middle icon with the trackstick on it. Its called "Pointstick"
You should have an option below it to disable the Pointstick on and off.

Do you have these options available?


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