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Latitude E7250 thinks it's a 7250 (no E)

With one of the recent BIOS Updates (I think A17) the touch screen and all indicator lights on my Latitude E7250 stopped working. And in some situations, the backlight for the LCD doesn't turn on either.

 My suspicion is that it may have somehow installed the wrong BIOS update because in WMI, it thinks it is a "Latitude 7250".  This is shown when I run the following from a command prompt:

wmic computersystem get model

Also, when I try to install the BIOS update for the Latitude E7250, it says it can't install it on a 7250.  I am betting that if I can get the correct BIOS installed, it will fix the problem I'm having with the LCD and drive, power, and other lights.

This is a Latitude E7250  - The model number is printed just below the keyboard and it has a docking port on the bottom of the laptop.  

Is there a way to force the correct BIOS version to install? 

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