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E6420 won't upgrade BIOS from freeDOS

First, this is now my 2nd post because the **bleep** board didn't like my first post I guess?  Ugh!

Second...the Latitude E6420 doesn't seem to upgrade from FreeDOS past A12 BIOS.

I've now tried them all, A13 > A25 (latest).  I followed the upgrade instructions as gospel and to the letter and it's how it updated to A12.


Once I hit A12 I can't get past it.

Can I back revision to A11 then skip A12 perhaps?  I'm so frustrated!  I tried 2 USB disks both from FreeDOS and I don't want to install Windows on my laptop just to get a BIOS update.  Grrrrrrrr, I hate Windows and I use Linux.

OK...I'm done complaining.  Any help here Dell?  Oh and I also reset my BIOS A12 back to defaults and tried again with no love.  After the blue screen > Yes I want to upgrade > green progress bar it just goes back to a d:\ prompt < -- my DOS volume with all the exe's on it.

I got nothing!  Help!

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