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Re: WD15 and Latitude 5280 - Slow internet speeds 8mbps

-Last night after work I went and checked the Power bricks on the working and non-working Docking stations as I was informed that the WD15 had two models one that came with a 130 watt PS and one that came with 180 watt PS

-Laptop #1 has a 130 watt PS - Installed a 210 watt PS (GA240pe-1) - No change tried with it connected to the WD15 and tried having it connected to the laptop and the 130 to the docking

-Laptop #3 has 180 watt that connects to the docking station no PS connected to laptop and it has slow internet off docking station

-Laptop #5 Has a 65 watt connected to the WD15 and 180 watt connected to the laptop - if you remove the 180 watt the internet speed testing shows slower speeds.

-I moved Laptop #1 to Laptop #5 office last night and connected it in the same manner and laptop #1 still gets 8mbps and if I reconnect Laptop #5 it gets 70 mbps

-Once again if I bypass the Docking station ethernet with laptop #1 I get the full speed of 70-80 mbps.

-I have more Laptops with this issue but I figure if I can figure out what is going on with #1 I can fix the rest. I have a mixed environment of D6000 and WD15 running windows 10 all Latitude 5280.

-Laptop #1 has had this slow speed for a long time and I have updated BIOS, Drivers, changed WD15, tried to install a D6000 and still get slow speed when running off the docking station.

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