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Re: WD15 and Latitude 5280 - Slow internet speeds 8mbps

You should probably stop using the D6000 adapter with the WD15.  You've already got a ton of variables you're juggling here, so it doesn't make sense to add unsupported configurations into the mix.  Standardize on the following:

- WD15 using either a 130W or 180W adapter (or only 180W when using it with systems that require 180W as indicated in the FAQ page I linked)
- D6000 with whatever AC adapter it comes with.
- No AC adapter connected to the system, unless you're connected to a D6000 and the system requires more than 60W.

Out of curiosity, what link speed does Windows show for the the dock LAN adapter negotiating at in these cases?  And since it sounds like you're running these tests using Internet speed tests, any chance you can perform a test using a local LAN target, such as a file copy from another system on the network or something?  Just to eliminate your Internet connection as another possible confounding variable?

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