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Re: WD15 and Latitude 5280 - Slow internet speeds 8mbps

-The connection shows as 1 gig auto 


Maint2-5406R# show mac-address | i a44cc8
a44cc8-005bd2 B22 100
a44cc8-9703a8 B22 100
a44cc8-97a527 B22 100
a44cc8-97a5d2 C23 100 <-- Docking station ethernet port
a44cc8-d4aea1 B22 100
a44cc8-db5c36 B22 100


Maint2-5406R# show int status | i C23
C23 Up Auto 1000FDx 100/1000T 200 100


-I have also tried hard coding the switch port to 100 full duplex with no change 

-I have other 5280's that are working with no issues  (Minus the odd power supply set up) 

-The original WD15 we ordered came with 180 watt PS but all the new ones have 130 watts (I opened them all today to check)

-When I went around to the desk today I found 2 people with 180 watts full speeds then 1 person with a 180 watt that is getting 8 mbps. 

-The issue is that We move files from our COLO and ADMIN building and with the connection bouncing between 500 kbps - 8 mbps users report files moving slow or latency but we have a fiber connection up to the building and this is not an ISP owned fiber. We are on City owned fiber, so this private network.

-I am using the speed test to figure out which ones have the issue as laptops\Docking stations without the issue are hitting 70 mbps on our ISP connection and ones that DO have the issue are 500 kbps - 8 mbps

-I found a d6000 issue on the displaylink forums for this exact issue (slow speed on the ethernet) and on laptop #1 I get this issue if it is D6000 or WD15, bypass the docking station and connect to the ethernet port on the laptop NO ISSUE get full speed on all affected devices.

-The slow speed is only when using the ethernet port on the docking station. 

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