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Re: WD15 and Latitude 5280 - Slow internet speeds 8mbps

-Laptop #1 is my repair and then export to other systems device
- It has WD15 with current firmware on it and when I move that laptop to ANY docking station I get the same results of 8mbps/8mbps

-The testing laptop that we just imaged using docking station #1 (Docking station #1 gets full speed with EVERYTHING except laptop #1)

Laptop #1
-Driver 10.21.1012.2017 for the realtek usb GbE - NETWORK Driver
-Bios 1.9.3
WD15_1 (Laptop #1 docking station)
-Wired Dock EC:
-MST HUB #1 Firm: 3.12.002
DellDockingStationFwUp_1.0.4_IE_03222018 06/07/2018

Laptop #2 (fresh imaged 5280)
- XXX - NETWORK Driver (will pull tomorrow)
-Bios XXX - (Will pull tomorrow)
WD15_2 (Docking station #1)
-Wired Dock EC:
-MST HUB #1 Firm:

-I am using the 130 watt PS ONLY connected to the docking station at both laptop #1 desk and at my desk.
-switch port has been set to AUTO duplex\speed and was only hard coded on the switch side for testing and that was about a two weeks ago
-Laptop #1 has had the BIOS update, All the WD15 updates applied from dell, I have tried changing switch ports and this is not a layer 1 issue as moving the same cable to the laptop directly gets full speed.

-Will update tomorrow with Laptop #2 Bios and Eth Driver unless there is another driver I should be pulling like the "Generic SuperSpeed USB HUB"

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