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Re: Latitude 7490 - Two monitors connected directly (lid clo

@ajookk wrote:
Thank you for the replies! So basically my only option with my 2560*1080 and 1920*1080 displays is having them both connected separately directly to the HDMI and DisplayPort over USB type C, on the Laptop's body. Please correct me if i'm wrong Smiley Happy Thanks

Oh, your ultrawide is only 2560x1080? I thought it was 3440x1440 or 3840x1600. But in that case, you may have another option. If both of your displays have DisplayPort or Mini-DisplayPort inputs and one of them has a DisplayPort OUTPUT meant for daisy-chaining, then you could connect the two displays to each other and then connect the first display to your system via USB-C, which can be used to drive both. I run dual 2560x1440 displays from a single USB-C cable this way.

But other than that, if your 7490 does not have Thunderbolt 3, then yes direct connecting both displays is your best option, because the WD15 would only be able to run one of those displays at a time (so you’d still be direct connecting the other), and the only remaining option would be adapters or docks that use technology like DisplayLink instead of actually using native GPU outputs, but DisplayLink has some notable drawbacks.

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