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Windows Media Player - Internal Application Error Has Occurred

Help !
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I have an issue with Windows Media Player 10 giving me the error "Internal Application Error Has Occurred" when I try to load it.  I also have issues with System Restore opening, User Profiles in Control Panel loading, and the Print feature will not work in Internet Explorer.
I've done research, and my symptoms are explained in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 831430.  Apparently I have an issue with my jscript.dll file and vbscript.dll file.  Now the interesting thing is that the issue only occurrs in my brother's profile.  Mine works fine. If I try to create a new profile, the issue still persists. I also believe a recent Microsoft Automatic Update caused this issue.
I have tried to reregister Jscript.dll and Vbscript.dll, but I get an error message in one of the profiles: an error 0x80000400 is returned in my brother's profile.
I am afraid to play around with my registry, and my system restore only shows the current month for some odd reason (I am unable to restore to a previous month, week). I really don't want to do a full system restore.
Please help! 
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