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Re: Windows Media Player - Internal Application Error Has Occurred

it seems that I get the error 0x80000400 when I try to register those 2 .dll files in the knowledge base article....

The strange thing is this, the problem only occurs on my brother's profile... mine works fine..

I saw this post on opentechsupport.net:

Posted by: cory1492

here is a copy paste on what I did to fix my problem when some accounts could not reregister jscript and vbscript (error 0x8000400), thanks for the help on this forum, and what I say at the bottom of this applies here as well, without this help I would have been reinstalling windoze all next week


for those of you with this problem, and the above fix only works on some user accounts on the PC:
-go into the user account that it works on (the that regsrv32 jscript.dll and regsvr32 vbscript.dll doesnt return error 0x8000400)
-open regedit (start/run type regedit <enter>)
-locate this key:
-right click on it and select permissions
-add one of the other users to the permissions
-click on advanced and select "replace permissions on all child ... "
-press OK and it will propagate proper permissions to all keys under classes
-now you can go to the other user accounts and fix it with regsvr commands above.

seems something while installing/uninstalling corrupts the registry entries, and windows restores them only for the user that does the install/uninstall... so if you are gettting the "unspecified error" when trying to reregister those DLL's to fix WMP, try all the users to find out which one is still working and follow my fix...

this is also a known bug when using widgets with Windowblinds, corrupting those registry keys on every boot.

hope this helps someone, thanks for the origional info in the thread, helped me narrow my problem alot and find the above fix!

Okay, now this guy seems to have the same problem I do... my fear is performing his registry changes... any comments??

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