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Preparing for disaster

I was concerned about possible disk failure on my 4 year old Dimension 4500S, I decided to protect myself.
I bought from DELL a WD external drive with Back-up software from Dantz called Retrospect Express.
I have successfully made a back-up image on the external drive (way easier than trying to do it to multiple CDs) and wanted to go one stage further - to full disaster recovery preparation.
This involves creating a Disaster Recovery CD image from which the computer can boot.
Only trouble is - the file is too large to fit on a CD. I look at the WD support site and they mention the likely cause - that the i386 directory is too large if it is an OEM installed version of Windows XP (like DELL uses). They do not offer any way round this.
My question. Did DELL sell me something that cannot be used with one of their computers, or is there something I could do to make this work?
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