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Re: IE 6 Links, Favorites, Windows Taskbar, and All Programs Icons suddenly too large

I appreciate all of the suggestions.
Have you checked that your monitor resolution has not changed to a lower setting? that would make everything larger?
Yes, it has not changed.
Have you tried>right click start >properties>start menu>customize>choose large or small here>apply >ok? Also you could try right click desktop>properties>appearance tab>affects>make sure the large icon box is not checked.
I have done both of the above and verified the settings as suggested but the problem persists.
There is something special about this group of toolbars. It appears that Customize the tool bar applies only to the Standard Buttons bar. Why the Links, Favorites, All Programs, and Taskbar icons should be linked to create the same large icon size when all the rest is small is puzzling.
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