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Re: System Config Utility Problem/question

I guess I didn't state the problem well. There are a bunch of junk in the system tray that programs put there. When they are in the tray, they leave a process running. Programs like real player, adobe gamma, Kodak photo share, etc. etc. All programs used very infrequently, but using up memory just the same. Some of the stuff "came with the computer" as part of the Dell software packages. Some I have removed totally, eg. AOL. But others, I just want the process out of there and the tray less cluttered until I call them up from the "program menu."

Running msconfig was the way it was done in previous versions of windows, but XP seems to assume you are making the changes for diagnostic/trouble shooting purposes.

Ddeerrf (and thanks for your comments) suggests going to the config files and making changes to stop the loading of these processes during start up. Could someone give me a short tutorial in where you find the configuration files for each of these, or is this something in a registry file?

Any help would be appreciated. Just want to take back my memory!

Thanks in advance,

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