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Re: Where is the Recycler/Nprotect folder??

Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately, the Norton Removal Tool did not remove the bin files located in the Recycler/Nprotect folder.

I was able to delete the files after doing some research on the Symantec website.

Seems as though the Recycler and Nprotect folders are hidden folders that not even Windows Explorer can see.

I was able to locate the Recycler folder using the MS-DOS command prompt window. I was able to see the 'hidden' Recycler and Nprotect folders using the 'dir /ah' dos command.

Once I was in the Recycler/Nprotect folder I changed the attributes of the two bin files using the dos command 'attrib -r -h -s *.bin'

This changed the files files from being hidden and from being 'read-only'

I could then delete the two bin files which freed up about 15GB of disk space.

Thank goodness for good ol' DOS.

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