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Windows Vista Feature Pack

  This software is only available from the vendors site. Does anyone know if Dell will or will not be

releasing this software as an upgrade. 


A couple of days ago Microsoft released a new update for Windows Vista that adds additional wireless support and functionality to the operatin.... Specifically it adds support for Bluetooth 2.1, a new “Unified Pairing” interface as well as “Windows Connect Now” updates and can only be installed on Vista SP1.


The following info is from the Microsoft site. 
This article describes the Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless. This software update includes the following components or features that improve wireless support in Windows Vista: • Bluetooth version 2.1 support • Unified Pairing user interface • Windows Connect Now updatesSome of these features may work with existing hardware. However, you must have new hardware to take advantage of the new functionality.

This update is compatible with all versions of Windows Vista. It can be installed only on a computer that is running Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1).

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Update informationTo download this software update, contact the manufacturer of the computer.
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