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Problems updating Windows XP Home Edition 2002 after re-loading it on Dimension 4550

I recently had to reformat my 320gb drive and reload Windows XP Home Edition 2002 with hopes of updating it to SP2 or SP3.


MS Windows update is set to Auto and when I download the suggested first updates (Background Intelligent Transfer Service 2.0 (BITS) and winHTTP 5.0 they seem to download fine.  When i install them they fail the install.


It seems that i need to do these updates before i can do any others.  Has anyone experienced problems with Dell systems and Windows XP Home 2002 like this ?  Can anyone suggest anything ?  I have spent a lot of time on the MS Update website trying to resolve this issue but get the feeling it is a Dell issue, not Microsoft.


Appreciate any ideas/suggestions anyone may have.  My Dimension 4550 may soon be in the lake if i can't resolve this issue soon.


Thanks for any help !



UpDate: July 24/2008:  Have tried numerous MS fixes and downloaded updates from MS Update will not install.  Appears to perhaps be the 'windows installer'.  Updates are found for my PC so scans are working but download and install still does not - progress monitor shows no download and install progress, stays at zero for hours.


Any new ideas? 


Thanks!  (Desparate user!)


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