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Re: Dell PC Restore by Symantec

Thanks for getting back to me, but my problem was that they slip streamed the Raid controller drivers on to the Dell MBR, so not even the first Vista release would install.

Dell's orginal Disk does not give an option for you to install drivers like the Matrix drivers from USB or CD or A drive. (what's up with that)

I deleted all partions and erased all three MBRs (never seen that before) with Super Fdisk utility.

So I played a few more times with Windows 7 and drivers from several other models. Most of them from 1750 Win 7 32 bit.

And I tried the 355 Bluetooth driver it worked but not perfect so I did not install the the driver, dont use it anyway.

I got it all working except the for newer Chipset Driver from Intel you have to leave Dell's old Vista 32bit Chipset driver.

So wind up with the Windows rating for CPU is a 1/2 a point lower but no gliches.

I'm happy.

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