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Dell Tech Support telling users to completely disable Windows Update in Vista?


I recently called Dell Tech Support and worked with them to resolve a USB issue I was having with my XPS. We were able to get the issue resolved and everything was working fine. Then, again after everything was fixed, he said something like "I have a note here that says we are supposed to get all of our Vista users to disable Windows Update". I went back and forth with him for a while on this one trying to figure out why anyone would ever give this sort of advice. Just to appease the guy, I said I would do it and he responded "You will be much safer now!”


What I am asking is what could possibly be Dell's reasoning behind telling people to disable the only 'easy' way for Windows Vista to get security and other updates? I mean, if there truly is a very good reason I could see maybe turning off the automatic installation of updates but the tech support guy walked me through completely turning off updates to the point where Windows doesn't even attempt to check. In pretty much ALL cases, this is a bad thing. For example, the critical vulnerability found in Internet Explorer that was recently published, how is the normal user supposed to get this update if not through Windows Update? I highly doubt the normal user is going to be following ever new Microsoft Knowledge Base article and download the update directly through Microsoft Download.


Even if this is supposed to be a temporary fix for something, what are you supposed to do after the issue has past and all the normal users out there still have Windows Update disabled? I am really kind of hoping this was some kind of misunderstanding.



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